Thursday, 10 October 2013

Luma Tower

This was a light bulb factory built in 1938 in the Art Deco style. It has a distinctive tower that was apparently used to test bulbs. The factory became derelict but was rebuilt as housing in the early '90's. It is located in Linthouse (near Govan) in the west of Glasgow.


  1. I always used to think that that building was something to do with Glasgow Airport. It looks like a control tower to my eyes.

  2. Well done finding the new blog so fast! Yes it does look like an airport building and it's quite close to the old Renfrew Airport that is now under the M8 motorway.

  3. Two more bits of information: For many years this was a caravan showroom called 'Caravan Land', which inspired the Deacon Blue song of the same name.
    Across the road there is a Cold War era Royal Observer Corps post. These were underground nuclear attack monitoring stations, and there are hundreds of them dotted around Britain: