Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Corona Bar, Shawlands

One of my old watering holes. The first home I owned was a flat near this famous Southside pub.

On a corner site bounded by a dance hall (The Malborough in my day, the Shed now) the pub was built in 1913 and is a slightly garish building set amongst the uniform Victorian sandstone of the area. The pub had a strange setting as a "pub within a pub". In my day "Maxwells" was an "L" shaped establishment in the Malborough building surrounding the Corona. When I drank there it was probably pretty much as the Edwardian original.

So if you want to visit an old fashioned Glasgow boozer…forget it, you're too late. Some time ago the Corona was opened out and joined with Maxwells to form a soulless barn of a pub - part of the John Barras pub chain, I think.   

*** Update***

I read in my local newspaper that the west end bar & restaurant "The Butterfly and the Pig" is taking over the Corona. They are planning to "restore many original features".  

*** Update#2***

I stuck my head in the door of "The Butterfly and the Pig" and it's still a dump.