Friday, 18 March 2016

City Centre Murals - Part#1

On my weekly visit to the city centre I noticed a striking mural being painted on the gable end of a tenement block in High Street. Apparently the mural depicts St Mungo, the patron saint of the city, in modern dress.

There are quite a lot of mural in the city centre so I went to find as many as I could.

"Fellow Glasgow Residents" in Ingram St illustrates wildlife in the city.

"Hip Hop Marionettes" in John Street
Badminton mural in the Merchant City

On buildings at Strathclyde University
This one depicts a lecture with old and new students
Dansken equatorial telescope – was located in the observatory dome on the top floor of what was then called the Royal Technical College, in the 1920s.
This mural – inspired by a 1913 photograph – tells the story of the Land-Ship, a mock navigation bridge which had been built on the roof of the School of Navigation in the Royal College. The Land-Ship was a revolving platform with a Kelvin compass mounted on the top and it was used to teach the School’s students the principles of compass adjustment.

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